6 Cylinder to 8 Cylinder Conversion


The BARE minimum

      1)       v-8 mounting brackets (used ) or new from any retailer

2)       v-8 motor mounts

3)       v-8 accelerator (bell-crank and throttle pieces) used or new

4)       v-8 bell-housing for 6cyl. c-4 automatic cars

5)       v-8 radiator and hoses

6)       v-8 motor

7)       v-8 exhaust and specific manifolds or headers for year of the chassis the v-8 is going into


Note: If you have a manual transmission 6 cyl. car, you must install the appropriate v-8 trans and cross-member and modify the drive-shaft to interface with the 6cyl rear.


Note: Now is the time to think about installing a T-5 in your car if it was a 3spd manual to begin with.


The CORRECT way which must include the above BARE minimum


1)       v-8 spindles and brakes

2)       v-8 steering (manual or power)

3)       v-8 tie-rods, idler arm, pitman arm, sleeves (complete steering)

4)       v-8 rear-end and drive-shaft

5)       v-8 coil springs

6)       v-8 5 lug wheels


5.0 Liter V-8 Conversion (roller motor)


1)       distributor gear

2)       plug oil dipstick hole (LH side of block)

3)       new dampner (3 bolt patten 50 oz balance) if using 289 accessories

4)       new flywheel or flexplate (50 oz balance)

5)       drill timing cover or install 289 cover and front dress from original 289 removing

6)       mustang 65-73 chassis specific oil pan

7)       oil pump pickup for appropriate oil pan


5 Speed Conversion V-8 T-5 or Tremec

 from an existing 3 spd or 4 spd v-8 car


1)       decide on 3 types of actuation (Hydraulic, Mechanical, Cable)

2)       transmission cross-member

3)       transmission mount

4)       transmission slip-yoke


For mechanical linkage cars (add the following)


1)       adapter plate

2)       and use existing bell-housing


For cable and Hydraulic cars (add the following)


1)       Flywheel with T-5 pressure plate mounting pattern

2)       5.0 Liter clutch set (pressure plate, disc, t.o. bearing)

3)       v-8 T-5 bell-housing with pivot ball and release fork, do not forget the block plate

4)       v-8 T-5 starter


Note: there are two types of T-5 4 cylinder ones and V-8 ones only use the V-8 variety.


Note: I do not recommend anyone using the T-5 bell-housing with a mechanical linkage actuated car.

1)       No dust boot available to keep the dirt out

2)       If your car is a manual transmission v-8 you will already have the correct bellhousing