Project  Screamer 2


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The name Screamer 2 is the brother of Screamer 1. Screamer 1 was a 1971 Lavey Craft 18í flat bottom that I used to race around the Sacramento River and sometimes the Delta. It had a 427 Ford with low riser heads and a tunnel wedge intake and it loved to be raced and driven hard. I beat the piss out of that motor and it never failed me once.
I bought this stock 1966 GT back in the summer of 2000. I had always wanted a 65-66 fastback since I was a teenager, but was never able to have one. I bought the car because it had a great paint job and that was the one thing I was not willing to do as a restoration at that time. Although the paint was good, everything else was shot to shit. The motor and tranny were tired and the interior was tore up. I really didnít care about that stuff as I knew I was going to replace everything. I just wanted a car with a good paint job that I wasnít going to have to deal with for at least 5 years. As I tore the car apart I found that the paint job was done very well with lots of clear, so I knew it would last.

My idea for the car was to have a weekend drag car and to show the car whenever I could. The goal was to have it completed by Hot August Nights in Reno 2001. As all projects go it took longer than I anticipated. Partly because things came up that I didnít expect, but the thing that held me up the most was the back order on my Hooker headers. I was waiting for those for 3 months.


My initial intent was to drive the car to the drags and back. After starting to build this thing it was apparent that I couldnít drive to the track with such a tall gear and only a 3 speed tranny.


I replaced everything on that car. At one time it was just on jack stands with nothing else under it. It was a lot of work, but the results are well worth it. When I drive it on the streets I get a lot of stares and thumbs up. Kind of makes it all worth it.


Follow along in the build up process and see the final results.